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Demo Derby, Bloomer Community Fair

The Demo Derby is part of the festivities at the annual Bloomer Community Fair - with events Friday and Sunday evening. 

2011 Demo Derby Rules:  Open

Results for 2010 were as follows:

Friday Derby winners were:

1st place - Karl Knopps (Chippewa)
2nd place - Mike Berg (Bloomer)
3rd place - Keith Holton (Prairie Farm)

1st place - Steve Moen (Turtle Lake)
2nd place - Zach Schimmel (Bloomer)
3rd place - Travis Prince (Bloomer)

Mini Van - Roger Stabenow (Colfax)

80 & Newer:
1st place - Will Garton (Spencer)
2nd place - Jason Schilling (Marshfield)
3rd place - Travis Schilling (Dorchester)
4th place - Chad Harycki (Marshfield)
5th place - Troy Johnson (Chippewa)
6th place - Zach Johnson (Chippewa)
7th place - Allen Hasse (Sheldon)
8th place - Jon Kuester (Stanley)
9th place - Todd Johnson (Chippewa)
10th place - Jesse Wampole (Stanley)
11th place - Dino Reather (Thorp)

Mad Dog Trophy (Hardest Hit) - Allen Hasse (Sheldon)

Sunday Derby winners were:

1st place - Karl Knopps (Chippewa Falls)

1'st place - Steve Buresh (Chippewa Falls)

Mini Van:
1st place - Brandon Stabenow (Colfax)

80 & Newer:
1st place - Zach Johnson (Chippewa Falls)
2nd place - Ryanne Vavra (Chippewa Falls)
3rd place - Joey Lagrander (Stanley)
4th Place - Jordon Nelson (Bloomer)

Mad Dog (hardest hit) - Jordon Nelson


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